The NIO EVE is a concept car by NIO, with a working prototype that was unveiled in SXSW 2017.

The exterior of the car was chosen under the car's long wheelbase with short overhangs, low cockpit, and large rims. Distinct features will also appear through the X-bar, dynamic rims, and the tail lights. The surface across the vehicle allows active opacity instantly, letting the passengers and driver block away from the sun, or see far distances. The doors are extremely distinct to cars of today, and also gives the riders a spacious entrance to the car.

The interior of the vehicle is spacious, and reflects a living environment. The seats inside are made to give flexibility and spaciousness. The interior can store up to six people. The primary seating area in the rear left area of the interior has two face-to-face positioned seats with a fold-out table. A tactile fixed controller sits on one of these seats to allow adjustments or interactions with their surroundings with one swipe. A relax area is located in the rear right of the interior, and is used to give the passenger a comfortable position while in a snooze or a deep sleep. The frontal area of the interior, when autonomous, is used to give the driver and passenger a good view of the outdoor scenery. This is enhanced thanks to the extended window that goes across the car from the front to the rear. When manually driven, a pop-up steering wheel is used to drive the car. The frontal area also includes an open interface that includes all of the driver's personalized content. This replaces the usual gauge dash. The roof area of the windshield is used as a "space observatory" at night, showing the driver and passengers the constellations, stars, moons, and planets at the sky.The Eve also has new protocols that works together with people and other vehicles that surround it. Eve also has sensors on its body, allowing it to be aware of its surroundings when driving, and recognize other vehicles.